August <3

It’s already August?! Wow 😛  This month I’m dancing at Kan Zaman on Wed the 17th, 7:30pm! Also training hard and looking forward to the Hawaii Belly Dance Convention in October. Last month I was honored to dance at an amazing Egyptian/Lebanese wedding celebration, congrats again to the happy couple! <333

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Aloha! This month I am entertaining at Kan Zaman Restaurant on the Wednesday the 13th! I hope to see you there! Also I am taking a break from regularly teaching to focus more on performance technique. Shimmy Fitness will now be taught by the amazing Malia! <3 I have gained so much from my year of teaching & I am happy and blessed to have had the experience!!! Everyone have an awesome month! :*

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Aloha all!

This month I’ll be entertaining at Kan Zaman on June 29th at 7:30pm <3  Come work out bellydance-style with me @ ShimmyFitness class every Thursday 7pm at JBPHH Fitness Center!! I’ll also be part of a fun cultural Middle Eastern Dance show on the 19th at Ala Moana Center Stage, more info & facebook event link here    

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It’s already May, Wow! This month at Kan Zaman I will be dancing on the 18th @ 7:30pm, I would love to see you there! And the 1st Shimmy Fitness Class of the month will be held Thursday May 5th at 7pm! The shimmy never ends! 😛 For updates on other shows/performances check out my facebook <3


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Yay Website! :D

I’m so excited to publish my website! So begins a new part of my journey into oriental dance. Who knows what exciting things may come. I have to thank everyone who has helped me this far as I continue to reach for my artistic goals. Merci and Mahalo! <3

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