Belly Dance Adult Classes with Casandra Corette 2019







What to wear to classes: Comfortable stretchy clothing, like yoga pants and a sports bra. Showing the belly is not required. We like to dance with bare feet. ***Absolutely no regular street shoes allowed on studio floors in Bremerton, to protect the floors, and no food & drink except water in dance rooms***


Ages: 18+ or older teen with parental permission

Every student will need to sign a waiver before beginning classes

Copy of Waiver:  Waiver Belly Dance 2019



RakasaFit core fitness belly dance – with instructor Casandra Corette starting January


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TO ATTEND RakasaFit, you may just show up for class, Drop-ins welcome! Also a class card (good for 4 classes) will be available before class for purchase, please arrive 10-15min early to get one before we start. Drop-in $15  Class Card $50  Cash Preferred :)


In this class we will not wear shoes.


Belly dance and core fitness merge into RakasaFit, a fun and challenging workout to invigorating Middle Eastern remixes, engaging the deep core fitness that naturally exists in belly dance. Each combination drills one essential belly dance shape reinforced with core conditioning exercises, a structure that enables participants to think less about choreography and simply dial into movement quality. In addition to improved posture, toning, cardio, strength, and stamina, RakasaFit ignites creative energy and movement that supports all activities! More info and registration at


As a certified RakasFit instructor, I’ll lead you through an exciting one-hour workout. Complete with warm-up, intense cardio, and deep cool-down stretch. It’s so FUN!!! 😀 Also, you have the option to become a member online and access videos :)


RakasaFit with Casandra Corette will be held at this location starting January 2019:

Sundays 11am-12pm in Bremerton @

     Northwest School of Dance

5889 NW State Hwy 303

Bremerton, WA 98311-3745

Bldg 5889

Studio 3

***Absolutely no regular street shoes allowed on studio floors in Bremerton, to protect the floors, and no food & drink except water in dance rooms ***


RakasaFit – Core Fitness Belly Dance – Official Video Trailer




Belly Dance Technique 8 Week Sessions

Ages: 18+ or older teen with parental permission


To attend: Register online on this page, or in person (contact me) in the month before session begins, $100 per session per person


What you can expect in on-going Belly Dance Technique 8 week sessions:

This is a pure dance class, focusing on learning the art of Middle Eastern Dance.

-In each class a warm up with gentle movements and light stretches, belly dance technique

breakdowns, drills, and combinations of movements to music from and inspired by the Middle East.

-Simultaneous instruction for all levels. More advanced dancers will be given appropriate tasks to work

on in class, i.e. layering.

-A new session will start every 2 months. In the event of a 5-week month, one week will be skipped on the schedule – always an 8 week/2 month session.

-No class on big Holidays.


These classes will be held at two different locations and the sessions are separate:


Mondays 7:30pm – 8:30pm in Bremerton @

     Northwest School of Dance

5889 NW State Hwy 303

Bremerton, WA 98311-3745

Bldg 5889

Studio 3



Thursdays 6:30pm – 7:30pm in Gig Harbor @

     Belly Dance with Hasani Studio

The Woods Business Park

6659 Kimball Dr, # E-501  (the last building)

Gig Harbor, WA 98335


REGISTRATION for Belly Dance Technique 8 week session Feb/Mar 2019


Important: Please pick ONE location and stick to it, to avoid confusion. Also, Gig Harbor location will require 3 registrants to keep the session going. Any registrants will be notified on January 3rd whether or not the session has enough students to proceed. If there is no session, anyone who signed up will be reimbursed within what would have been the 1st week of class.

 Last day to Register will be Saturday February 2nd


********** Registration button should now be working on a cell phone, but if it doesn’t, you can also register on a Pc or tablet. If you need to register in person please email me: **********


8 week session Feb/Mar Choose Location



Interested in learning Belly Dance?

Belly Dance, also known as Raqs Sharqi (Dance of the Orient in Arabic) or Oriental Dance, is of Middle Eastern and North African origin. It is still evolving in it’s homelands. There are many styles and fusions of belly dance all over the world. Many belly dancers study folkloric dances that also originated in the same areas. What I often perform and teach is known as modern American Cabaret belly dance and is what you may have seen in restaurants in the US.


Learning this dance can be exhilarating! It’s a wonderful way to better appreciate your body (and all it can do!) while having fun and exploring a cultural art.  Being low-impact, it is gentle on the body as well.


Some benefits of learning belly dance are: improved core strength, more muscle control, better balance, increased knowledge, and joyful feelings of expression!




















Private Lessons are available as well

Private Lesson Rate is $60/hr + studio fee (will book an available studio nearby)

You may contact me to schedule a time and I’ll get back to you, email or facebook is best :)

Private lesson may be split between no more than 3 students.



or message me on facebook


A mini private lesson is also available as part of a performance package, excellent for special celebrations, parties, girls night, bachelorette etc. Performance with Lesson package includes approx. 15 min performance and a short private lesson 30 min $300. If held at studio, additional $20 est. required for studio fee.